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Clinical Study for Tinnitus

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OtonomyLogoOTO-313 - Otonomy

  • Candidates must be between 18-75 years of age
  • Persistent tinnitus likely of cochlear origin (caused by acute acoustic trauma, inner ear barotrauma, blast trauma or middle ear surgery)
  • Tinnitus began between 2 - 12 months ago
  • Can not have active middle ear disease, Meniere’s disease or vestibular schwannoma
  • Affected ear can not have ≤ 70 dB hearing impairment at 1000, 2000 and 4000
    • Single Intratympanic injection
    • Length: 20 weeks
    • Number of visits: 6
    • Compensation for time and travel

For more information:
Joshua P. Light, MD - Boynton Beach office, contact Amal EL Karimi-Short 561-737-8584 or email amelkarimishort@entaaf.com
Mark H. Widick, MDDelray Beach office, contact his coordinator Sandy DiBattista at 561-939-0186 or email oadibattista@entaaf.com