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ENTvantage Sinu-Test™

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Clinical-ENTvantage300Entvantage Diagnostics has created a Sinusitis Bacterial Assay kit and collection device for qualitative detection of three pathogens for bacterial sinusitis.

To participate:

  • Candidates displaying symptoms of acute sinusitis age 18 and older
  • Cannot currently be on antibiotic or within 30 days
  • No history of immunodeficiency or cystic fibrosis
  • Prior sinus surgery is exclusionary
  • Length: 1 visit
  • Compensation for time and travel

To take part in the study or for more information, please contact Dawn Kleabir 772-398-9911 ext. 112, or dkleabir@entsf.com.

This study is being conducted by Dr. John Lanza, Dr. Leslie Berghash and Jeffrey M. McFarlane, ARNP.