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Sensorineural Hearing Loss

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What if a simple, locally-delivered drug could enable our body to regenerate and heal itself?      

An investigational drug called FX-322 could potentially restore the hair cells of the inner ear and may improve hearing!

To participate in this research study with FX-322:

  • You must be a male or female adult, 18 to 65 years.
  • Have an established diagnosis of stable Sensorineural hearing loss by standard hearing tests.

How does FX-322 Work?

Frequency Therapeutics, Inc. is developing FX-322 for the treatment of hearing loss. FX-322 is a combination of two different medications. The drug product changes to a gel at body temperature (e.g. in the middle ear) in order to increase the likelihood of delivering drug to the inner ear where the hair cells are located. FX-322 is given by an injection through your eardrum into the middle ear. Injections through the eardrum are commonly performed in the offices of otolaryngologists and are well tolerated by patients.

Who is paying for this study?

The study is being funded by Frequency Therapeutics, Inc., a company dedicated to eradicating hearing loss. There will be no cost to your insurance company to be in this study.  Frequency Therapeutics, Inc. will pay for the costs of the study drug, study-related tests and procedures and study visits.  


Study conducted by:
Dr. Mark WidickNorth Boca Raton office 561-939-0157.  If you want further information concerning this study, you can contact the Principal study doctor: Mark H. Widick, MD or his coordinator Patricia Fonseca at 561-939-0157.

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