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Sensorineural Hearing Loss - Pipeline Therapeutics

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Outlook-5zy5ithoThere are experimental drugs in development for the treatment of SNHL with speech-in-noise impairment.

SNHL is caused by loss or damage to the small hair cells in the inner part of the ear. These tiny hair cells send sound (like speech) from the inner ear through the auditory nerve to the brain for processing. SNHL may also result from damage to the auditory nerve that transmits sound signals to the brain.

If you have SNHL, you may also notice that you can't hear conversation in loud restaurants or crowded rooms. This is referred to as speech-in-noise impairment and is a condition commonly associated with SNHL.


Study conducted by:
Dr. Mark WidickDelray Beach office 561-939-0186.  If you want further information concerning this study, you can contact the Principal study doctor: Mark H. Widick, MD or his coordinator Sandy DiBattista 561-939-0186 or email oadibattista@entaaf.com.